A gang was chasing some guy across a few streets and finally shot him dead 3 houses down from ours. This was in the evening when there was still light. Couple of hours later, we came back from grocery shopping and found the street cordoned off. Which was when we got the news from our neighbours.

Gang members always roamed my street. They come out after dark so you don't see them but the next morning, you spot all the gang graffiti they leave behind. Still this has been a safe neighbourhood, until now. It's un-nerving for a murder to happen a few doors down your house. It's even more un-nerving that it happened in daylight. I sympathise with the house where the body was lying in blood in front. I remember seeing a boy and his nanny come home from school one day and entered the house there.

It's a good reason for us to get security but K doesn't think that it will help. Partly true cos when the alarm goes off, the security company sends one of their guys and not the police. Only when there is a real solid cause, do the security guys send for the police. Very roundabout way. I don't know. If we can't trust the security company or the police, who can we trust? Doesn't help that K flies away every week and only comes home during the weekend, leaving me alone in the house.

But at the end of it all, even if he is here, there is nothing much he can do either. I just hope this is a one time thing and not the start of more shootings. I should get a dog. A warm body around the house feels good.
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