From May to August, households that reduce their energy consumption by 10% gets to participate in a lucky draw for a fuel-hybrid car.

1. Assuming there are 1 million households in Singapore and 5% of them reduce their energy consumption, that's still 1 in 50,000 of winning a car. Beats increasing utility prices when daily life is on the rise. I second this gentler approach but why only one prize for so many households? I geddit it. It's a bonus but hardly a motivation ya? One thing in its favour though: Chances of winning this are still better than buying 4D.

2. How about rewarding households whose consumption are consistently lower than national average? My parents are great advocates of saving water and electricity. Not one light is turned on longer than it should be in my house and expect a barrage of words when it is. My parents come home from work at 3pm and are in bed by 9pm. They only watch TV for 3 hours a day and seldom turn on the aircon except to check that it's still working and extremely hot nights. How do you reward households like this?

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