Does she look like a terrorist to you?

The Boston Globe

Apparently some people think so. She is Rachel Ray, a famous American TV chef known for her her girl-next-door appeal. Here she is in a Dunkin Donuts ad wearing a black & white, paisley scarf which some eagle-eyed, boh liao observers say resembles a keffiyeh. Faced with threatened boycotts and negative press, Dunkin Donuts decided to yank the ad.


This is a keffiyeh.

which so happens to be a traditional Arab headgear worn for centuries to protect the wearer from desert sands. A keffiyeh might be culturally linked with Arabs but it is also a fashion staple for them and for fashionistas some seasons ago. To associate something worn daily with jihad and beheadings would be for Arabs to associate jeans with Americans and war.

One of the strongest voices against the Dunkin Donuts ad is Michelle Malkin, an American of Filipino descent. If terrorists had worn Phillipines' national costume, barong tagalog, to attack Americans, would she have reacted in the same manner and condemned her own cultural symbol? It is easy to cast the first stone but the world is messy enough without more senseless make-a-mountain-out-of-molehill crap like this.


Anyways, she can rant against Dunkin but she is too late against the world. Keffiyehs became fashionable seasons ago.

Read about the Dunkin hooha here.

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