browsing through Felicia Chin's blog today and learnt that Terence Cao has opened a hotpot restaurant at Paradiz Centre. I don't care for celebrity restaurants but I do care that they have wintermelon and sharks bone soup bases. Something different from the usual chicken or ma la soups. Most importantly, they are non-spicy which is great for me cos' much as I like the spicy kick of mala huo guo, 1 sip and I am downing glasses of ice water.

They also have some unique ingredients for dunking into hot soup like HK-style fried fish skin, sea urchin balls and 'char siew bao'. Felicia mentioned that she had a side dish of deep fried prawn balls with mango and cheese. What a yummy-sounding combination! and you can take off the heat with a home-brewed sugar cane payaya drink and my fav HK dessert - mango pomelo.

It all seems very promising. I am craving hotpot now. Can some kind soul try it and let me know if it's as good as it sounds? btw, pic above not taken at Terence's restaurant.
Paradiz Centre B1-20

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