Tiny hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant that sits 4 persons. If you are feeling claustrophobic, you can take your meal outside to a teeny table.

Unlike most Vietnamese restaurants, they don't serve pho! Like the restaurnt size, their menu is tiny too. Your choices are Sandwich, Vegetarian Bun Chay or Vegetarian Bun Mit.

Bun Chay: vermicelli noodles, soyskin rolls, shiitake mushroom and fried shallots drizzled with tomatoey-sauce.

Bun Mit: vermicelli noodles, jackfruit, shiitake mushrooms and keropok drizzled with tomatoey-sauce.

I wonder how the restaurant survives but what they serve, they do it well. I love their Bun Chay. When you wake up late on weekend afternoons, it's just the thing to fill you up till dinner in a few hours. Healthy, flavourful and doesn't overstuff your tummy. Perfect.

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