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D24. XO. Hong Xia.
Nope, Singapore Pools didn't come up with new lotteries nor are they cocktails. But if you know what I am talking about, then you are a Durian lover.

Good news for you. Four Seasons, a durian chain, has now opened a cafe where you get to sample the real deal and not worry about being ripped off. But wait, that's not all. In the next few months, they intend to open an air conditioned cafe where you can eat quality durians in cool comfort AND enjoy durian pastries like puffs and pancakes.

Joo Chiat is too ulu for you? Well, Four Seasons has a shop at the basement of AMK Hub where you can indulge in pancakes with creamy rich (and strong smelling) durian puree.

The funny thing is I don't eat durians. But I thought some of you might. Hee, let me know how this place is. My parents love love love durians. I can bring them there someday.

Four Seasons Durian Cafe
212 Joo Chiat Place, off Still Road.

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