what else can i do to get cash fast?

Today k and i were checking our accounts. though we have been watching our spending, we haven't saved any money. Taxes here are skyhigh. Not to mention you need to pay insurance for basic medical and dental care. So if you aren't covered by insurance, going to a general practitioner could set you back by hundreds. That's how expensive medicine is. But that's another story.

While we have a safety net now with some savings, it's bound to be rapidly depleted with no chance of replenishment by the end of the US wedding. I don't dare to think about Singapore wedding. Sometimes i wonder if we made the right decision in keeping me here. We would have spent twice the money on legal and procedure fees to get my status adjusted from Singapore but I would have been able to support myself and squirrel away money. Anyway, it's too late to reverse this decision. Which leaves the question of how i can get more money.

So while I wait, I am considering my non-legal work options. Babysitting is out, I am not exactly baby mama material. Waitressing is tempting. Reminds me of a running joke shiawlin and i used to make about me being an aspiring actress and she an aspiring musician and we would waitress to support ourselves while waiting for our big break. How true this is turning out to be!

If you have writing jobs lobang, I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know. I used to write for a popular Singapore interior design magazine, Homestyle. Also, if you want to get that Coach bag which is grossly overpriced in Singapore, I can help ship it back for a small fee. the price difference in bags is $300 at the very least. do the maths, you could save a lot!
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