WARNING: Lots of pictures. Drink some water, use the bathroom, grab a bite first and brace yourself.


Landing in Vegas. Love how the sun is still setting on the horizon though the sky is all dark.

We are staying at Planet Hollywood! While Kelly checks us in, I check out the changing light display at the reception.

Our room is named "The Specialist" after the movie. Looks quite ordinary until you see ...

A coffee table that is also a display case for the weapons used in the movie!

And a newspaper prop framed up on the wall. That's not all.

How about Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone watching over you while you bathe? After poking around our room, we go out for a stroll.

Vegas City Lights

Kelly is awed by the brights lights of Vegas.

And I'm Singin' In The Rain, I'm Singin' In The Rain ...

I wanted supper and as we were walking around, we stumbled upon an ice cream store! Yay! Initially Kelly insisted he didn't want to get anything. But once we stepped into the store, he immediately changed his mind.

So one cannot come to Sin City and not drink. Next mission, find a bar! On our way, we came across this guy parading his, erm, assets.

Blogger couldn't upload my pic the right way up. Anyway, we settled in MARRRRRGARITAVILLE!

Me before Margarita.

Me after Margarita. High liao. Hahahaha!

Can you tell Kelly's sleepy??!

I hate Corona but when will I ever get a chance to pose with such a huge bottle again?

Like I said, High liao.

Casino at Planet Hollywood.

Ooh, the first bride I see in Vegas!

and a sexy dancer at the next table. Not sure I would want my new husband's eyes to be feasting on another girl.

4am in the morning and my eyes are still wide open. Of all nights, I am insomniac today. Sigh. Finally dozed off at 6am and woke up at 2pm. Wasted half the day!

Goal today: MUST watch Phantom of the Opera! Somehow I managed to miss it the 2 times it was in Singapore so I was determined to make up for it this time. Kelly's at work so I had the whole afternoon to myself before the show. First stop, Bellagio's conservatory and botanical gardens.

Can you believe that 140 horticulturists maintain this small garden? And it changes according to seasons and holidays! Next I am off to Caesars Palace to find a nice dress for the musical!

Last is a free animatronics show depicting the fall of Atlantis. Quite boring.

ILANE SWOONS: I LOVE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! Too bad no photos were allowed. Andrew Lloyd Webber rehauled this Broadway Masterpiece just for Vegas. He cut out the lengthier acts so it's faster paced but all the songs from the original songs were retained. What's more, a custom theatre was built for the musical at The Venetian Hotel! It's gorgeous! The sets are sooo intricate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone in Vegas!

I was super hungry after the show ended. Time for dinner! The Venetian is modelled after Venice and comes with a piazza (town square), actors dressed in Renaissance clothing, long rows of shops along the canal and gondola rides to tok tourists. I am embarassed to say I was one of them on my last trip but hey the boatman sang in ITALIAN to me (to everyone too)!

I was quickly seated at the crowded Canaletto restaurant cos I was alone. Guy behind me was blatantly bribing the hostess with a twenty! And the restaurant wasn't posh at all but the atas waiters certainly behaved like it was. At first I felt bold and empowered to be dining in a nice place all dressed up. But while waiting for my food, I started to feel like a jilted lover. That's when I invited 18 year old Macallan to join me.

Kelly's timing was perfect. He called right after I finished dinner and we arranged to meet at TAO, hot celebrity club in Vegas. Any group that enters must have at least equal ratio of guys to girls. If more guys than girls, then you are barred.

No one on dance floor so we grab a drink at the bar.

And explored the club. We discovered TAO Beach on the roof. Pool by day, pool party by night.

After another round of drinks, we head downstairs and surprise, the club was damn packed now! Girls were lining to get on the podium. What's the point? So crowded, no chance to show off sexy dance move also. It was very well monitored though. Everytime a girl gets off, a security guard at the end lets another girl up.

We decide to head out to the balcony for fresh air. It's not that fresh cos all the smokers were puffing away. But isn't the view gorgeous?

Last day in Vegas and we go back to The Venetian. It's a kitschy place but the whole of Vegas is kitschy and The Venetian is the nicest kitsch.

eeeew! Who would want to hang these ceramic bra and undies in their homes?

Rare un-self conscious photo of Kelly. He looks adorable here.
We went to Wynn Hotel next cos I wanted to see the man-made waterfall.

Inside of Wynn

I like this picture of myself!

Kelly decides we should get really drunk on our last day! On the night we arrived, this guy holding a tall slushy drink from Fat Tuesday started talking nonsense to Kelly at a traffic light. We decided that's how we want to be so we hopped into a taxi in search of Fat Tuesday.

It was disappointing. We expected a crazy loud bar but got a small blended-margarita shop. We tried it anyway and it tasted like 7-Eleven's Slurpee. I also got a jello shot (my first). Loved it! On to the next bar! not before I play some blackjack. I won us cabfare!

Hotels we passed by in the cab to next bar

We ended up at Paris hotel! My favourite shots of the trip!

The bar has a built-in slot machine! This is how they tok you in Vegas! I tried it anyway and won $2. Ha, peanuts.

I keep wanting to play but Kelly's like "Let's leave while we are on winning streak!" What streak, I only got us cabfare lor. Ok ok, we are here to get drunk right? Kelly was very excited about going to the next bar, Hawaiian Tropic. Do you see why?

All the waitresses had very good figures and showed them off in bikinis. After this round, I started to feel nauseous. That's it, no more drinks liao. I sat down for a while and recovered sufficiently to play more blackjack!!! Won some cabfare before Kelly pulled me away (again).

We decided to walk to Hooters. Sights along the way.

Monte Cristo hotel. Boring compared to the other hotels.
New York New York! Can hear the screams of people on the roller coaster from across the road.

MGM Grand. It's the most pleasant place to gamble I feel. No I didn't play anymore.
MGM has a live lion in its premises. They must feed it very well. See how relaxed the keepers are. Kelly was a bit upset. He thinks lions should be in the wild.
The Exacalibur hotel

Dunno what hotel
This was our last stop to get a drink but after we arrived, we discovered we were all tired out.

Gotta rush to the airport now! This is my second time in Vegas and I love all its tackiness. It's always fun to be here. Can't wait for round 3!
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