In my relentless search for the perfect black bag, I stumbled upon French labels Abaco and Velvetine. And I am in LOVE!


Abaco Laguna in Parme

Abaco Bergame in Dark Grey

Abaco Jacky in White

Abaco Paris is a mix of vintage charm and modern functionality. In order to achieve a particular shade for her supple leather bags, designer Raquel Achache works with her factories to create each unique shade such as Parme, a blue-grey colour. The result are bags that are ladylike but not overtly feminine.


Velvetine Iggy Hobo in Chocolate

Velvetine Steven Purse in Grey

Velvetine Nico in Black

This Parisian label is almost underground. Their website is still under construction! Designers Anne Cecile Couetil and Olivier Guerre started Velvetine 2 years ago. From the reviews I read on US sites, the biggest star in their line of luxurious bohemian bags seems to be the Iggy hobo. Part of their 'Sweet Needle' collection which is characterised by elegant needle drop clasps, soft natural leathers and a bohemian flair.

I got my eyes on ...

Abaco Laguna in Black

It's hard to focus on a plain black bag when there are so many gorgeous colours out there. There is one problem though. I have not found any US websites selling this! Short of going to France, chances of me owning this bag is zilch.

Velvetine Steven in Black

I know this is a badly taken picture but it's the only one I could find. I am in love with this bag all because of the unique needle closure! It's so insane but I love little details like that. The bad news is that I haven't been able to get my hands on any specs. The good news is that 2 more sites have begun carrying this bag, only they are more expensive and they don't have black.
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