I have an irrational fear that the longer I am away from home, the further I will be from my friends' lives. And as time passes, the friendship becomes diluted and I am all alone here.

I do hear about happenings and blogs are the wonderful thing cos I get to see my friends' pictures too! And some I have gotten to know better through their blogs. But I also think not physically doing things together takes away some bonding experience. I just hope that with more effort to keep in touch, we will all still be as close to each other when we meet up.

Recently I was upset about some happenings. I left a comment on MSN and next day, I got an e-card from X. Another time, I got a mail from J. Then today, a few of my best girlfriends (you know who you are!) offered to help me get my fairytale wedding gown. I am so touched by all of you! I am so so so touched you care enough about me to send me a message or think up a beyond-any-words gift idea like that!

Thank you thank you thank you!

I heart all of you!

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