We wanted customised wedding invitations. So I did a bit of research and found a lady whose works I like. I contacted her and her rates were reasonable.

So we paid her a design fee to create something entirely new for us. Working with her was really easy. She was fast. She had great ideas. She was responsive. I think part of her enthusiasm was due to the fact that she was excited about our ideas and theme. These are her words '
I have to admit, without patting myself on the back, that I really love this design too'

I was going to rave about her in the bridal forum. And then today, I saw that our invitations were up for sale on her website, right down to the wording that I had specially worded to reflect our 1920s theme. Right down to our wedding colours. Again these are her words 'I love the wording ideas'.

Isn't the point of paying a design fee to ensure we have something unique to us? Now every Tom, Dick and Harry can buy the invitations off her website WITHOUT paying the extra we did.

I am disappointed. We had a great working relationship and then she decided to violate it by putting the business and cents above the customer. Does she think I would not see it on her website? I will speak with her to rectify this.

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