Coach Bleecker Metallic Tote $498

I had lost interest in Coach sometime ago. But last Saturday as I was walking past the Coach store, something flashed in the corner of my eye. So I backtracked for a closer look.

It's the new Bleecker Metallic tote. I love its simple silhouette and logo-less design. The silver is not bling bling bright, more like a subtle metallic sheen. I like I like. But can't afford a fun bag now. Guess I just have to wait for the sale.

Bleecker Patent Leather Tote $398

The Bleecker totes also come with fun patent leather in the rich colours of fall. I love both! Purple is the big colour for fall/winter. I have seen designers churn out varying shades of purple bags! Plum is a favourite cos its rich tone contrasts well with fair skin. Plus the darker shade makes it easier to match with clothes.

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