Laugh until peng man. This guy sent a damn funny email to Mr Brown, imploring him to post a bulletin on his blog requesting for all Singaporeans in UK to gather and sing Majulah Singapura. I also seeking Singaporeans in LA. Anyone??

"wah lau. Im writing this to you cos I listen to your podcast everytime in cold and miseerable london and then I walk to work listening.

sometimes almost langah by car cos distracted, sometimes pple look at me think I siao one cos I giggling to myself.

So today admist waiting for documents to be sent to me, I was talking to my friend shawn and we were thinkin "KNN! eeveryday newspaper in singapore say "ohmygod, all this braindrain to UK/USA. Singapore no more talent liao. The government using its major best efforts to entice all these talented people back."

KNN lah. Shawn call the embassy and they say National Day got no celebration. I call Contact Singapore, they say not their par sar cos they under different umbrella. So everyone tai chi shoot arrow everywhere. BEST EFFORTS KI LAN LAH! National Day my gahmen also cannot never come sayang me make me feel singaporean sing we are singapore we are singapore. knn.

so I angry so I call embassy and comprain. then got put through to this woman who was very nice about it as I ranted and ranted. She very patient and exprain she dunno who is sporean here etc etc.

so their basic excuse is "I dunno who is here in london how I invite people to my embassy for celebration?" machiam like they got a lot of invitation cards but dunno send to who.

so anyways, she say that now Aug a lot of students go home, so no point celebrating. I think "KNN LAH! TALK CCOOOCK! Working professionals here no need sing Count on me Singapore meh!" Then she diam diam. dunno what to say. Then she say, "our embassy in london very small, cannot open house". then I think "TALK EVEN MORE COOCK! small then cannot use ong beng seng's many many hotels meh! CDL dunno own how many buildings lor... cannot use one function room ah to Majulah Singapura?!"

Anyways, to spare you the rants, at the end of the day, we agreed that something had to be done.

So on 27th Sept apparently there's a celebration, invite only. So I write this email to tell you so you can tell all your Sporean friends/readers in UK/London to get themselevs on the VVVVVIP special singapura list - contact karolyn_poon (AT) to get them on the mailing list.

Got discounts one she say."


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