A long distance relationship means celebrating special occasions remotely. This year was the first time we were able to celebrate our anniversary together. I decided to treat Kelly to a summertime concert at the Hollywood Bowl, largest outdoor amphitheatre in US.

When I was purchasing the tickets, the event was listed as 'LA Philharmonic Fireworks Finale with Brian Wilson'. Fireworks is tres romantique non? But when I told Kelly about my surprise, he was puzzled and asked why I bought tickets to a 60s pop band?!?!

Me: "No no, this is a LA PHILHARMONIC CONCERT."
K (laughing by now): "With Brian Wilson!"
Me: "I thought he's the conductor?!"

Well. Turns out that Brian Wilson was part of Beach Boys. A band known for their close vocal harmonies and happy songs about cars and surfing. NOT what I had in mind for romantic. -_-"

Brian Wilson through the ages. He wrote many of the group's most popular songs. Quite a handsome dude in his younger days. Looks a little like Zac Efron?

Zac Efron in 50 years.

Though I knew nothing about Beach Boys, their melodies and lyrics were so repetitive that I could follow along after a while. Kelly happily harmonise my singing with 'bow', 'wooooh', 'ooooo'.. No doubt helped by copious amounts of wine!

It was also refreshing to see the aunties and uncles around us singing, clapping, bopping along and dancing to the songs!

I was also mesmerised by the stage lighting.

From monochromes to candy stripes to ...

To rainbows!! Very Willy Wonka-ish!

The guitarist in Brian Wilson's band played some tough riffs while holding it behind his head! Impressive!

Of course there was the fireworks!!!

Isn't this cute? A little car firework!

And more fireworks!

Little whirls of fireworks like this appeared before...

The Grand Finale!

Click the video below to listen to their music. The tickets turned out to be a happy accident. It was a wonderful night of breezy music, lots of cheese and crackers, 2 bottles of wine and happy singalongs under the stars. Happy Anniversary!
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