My favourite vintage bride is selling her wedding dress!!! All together now, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You might recall that I love drama in my wedding dress. Though the gown I eventually bought is high quality silk with a beautiful classical silhouette, in a little corner of my heart, I still wish for a gown with more flair.

While browsing through the vintage bride's blog today, I saw my chance! It is by no means my dream gown. That would be the Vera Wang Luxe Callalily which retails for $8000 - $13,000 USD. I certainly don't have that sort of moolah so her gown at $320 USD is a siren calling out to me. It helps that she wears it so beautifully!

This is a pic from the gown manufacturer. I think the vintage bride looks more chio than the model! Below are her wedding pictures. I love the scalloped lace hem.

Description of Dress - "This one-of-a-kind creation is all about the layers of lace and organza! The bodice is trimmed with a thin row of beads which continue onto the spaghetti straps adding just the right amount of sparkle to the delicate look of the gown. The skirt of the gown begins to flare just below the hips giving the gown fullness and personality. Ruffled layers of lace and organza start below the hips and continue to the end of the semi-chapel length train. The dress was already bustled and it has its original scalloped hem."

All pics taken from vintageglam's blog and her onewed site.

So gals, what do you think? Should I buy the dress?
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