Would you have done anything differently for your wedding?
Would you share what you have learnt with a bride-to-be?
Would you pass on an excellent vendor to your friend?

As all brides would know, word of mouth is definitely the best resource. While you can be an active member of the SG bride forum, why not take the extra step to write a newsletter or book and share your knowledge?

And that is just what my friend, Clarie, did. While planning her own romantic happily ever after, she discovered that IT IS POSSIBLE to have a unique wedding that belongs to both of you. It took her some research, some recommendations and a lot of discipline not to be sucked into becoming the wedding industry's Barbie bride.

The culmination of her efforts is The Wedding Manual. Clarie has interviewed specialists and insiders for tricks of the trade to make your moment special. The Wedding Manual is not meant to be a comprehensive step-by-step guide to mold you into a caricature of a rebel bride. Rather, it is a starter guide offering brides-to-be choices and listing the considerations to be a individual bride. Best of all, The Wedding Manual is FREE!

Take a look and if you think it's helpful, pass it on to a future bride you know.

One thing to check off my Bucket List:
To be quoted in a book.

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