We have been crazy busy the past 2 weekends. Now I didn't say it was all work. ;) Will post fun stuff next few days. Wedding updates for now.

Kelly and I took our first Argentine tango class this Sat. Being newbies, we were paired with the veterans. The instructor kept telling us not to look down at our partner's feet or memorise steps but to let our partner lead and focus on their shoulders. Well, one of my partners was wearing a V-neck tee which showed off part of his hairy chest. It was quite distracting to look at his shoulders because my eyes naturally got drawn to his chest hair! I ended up peering at the ceiling and got reprimanded by the instructor.

Just an example but see, how to look at shoulders like that?!

When class was over, Kelly and I stayed back to practise. The instructor observed us and said we both want to "be captains of the ship" and if there are 2 leaders, who's the follower? So I had to step back and accept K's lead while K has to be more sensitive to my body movements. At this rate, I dunno how we are going to do a decent tango for our wedding. *fingers & toes crossed*

Over the weekend, K also rented his full wedding gear which consists of ... tuxedo, pants, shirt, vest, tie, cufflinks and patent shoes. Who says only brides get dolled up? I HAVE NOT seen a guy wear patent shoes before and I am going to bet that K's feet will be shredded to bits at the end of the wedding. At the store, they didn't have Kelly's size for the tuxedo, pants and shirt. The only reassuring thing the salesguy did was to take K's measurements. So if all goes well, K will look like this with a tie:

But we won't know until we collect his gear 2 days before the wedding. *fingers & toes crossed again*

On Sunday we met up with the tailor. Manij came highly recommended by one of the forum brides. Her clientele is mainly Hollywood including Angelina Jolie! and she only does wedding gown alteration through recommendations. As I chatted with her, I get the feeling she is not into the Hollywood scene at all but is just doing something she enjoys. Manij is from Iran where she had a psychology major. After graduation, she went into teaching but got sick of it after many years. So she left for America and decided to do something totally different.

Reminds me of stories we hear about Filipino maids who have degrees but has to work as a maid cos that pays better than jobs back home. It's such a waste of their talent! Makes me thankful that we have better opportunities in Singapore. Manij is different though. She likes her job and doesn't see it as beneath her status. In fact, she says she likes to read the minds of her customers. Gulp!

My gown as advertised on Paloma Blanca's website.

This is what it will look like after alterations.

At the back, I am doing a 2 tier pick-up bustle.

This is how the front of the gown looks like after being bustled.

Besides altering the size, I am asking Manij to create a sweetheart neckline and make a champagne colour sash for me. She will also help me sew in bra cups with some padding. Manij showed me this C-cup dress she created for an A-cup actress. There was so much padding it felt like you were bumping into a wall. I hope mine isn't like that.

Sorry for being so cheong hay (long winded). I am getting to the end of my entry. Last Saturday, K & I also went to rent a cheongsam for my second change. Decided to go all out and bedazzle the ang mohs with my sequin choice. Look getai anot?

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