My poor kitty misses his old home.

Recently when someone went over to his previous house, Hunter also stayed there for 2 whole days. He came back to our house for food and disappeared again. First time this happened, I was worried sick. I had no idea where he was and his food bowl was untouched. Until I saw him jump from the roof of his previous house in the late evening and concluded that he must have spent time there. This time when Hunter did a Houdini again, I wasn't too concerned. Though I wonder how long it will be before he sees us as home. Many people keep telling me cats have no sense of loyalty. True and untrue.

Untrue because animals in general do not feel emotions like humans do. It is us who personify their animan characteristics as affection and loyalty. For instance, dogs are pack animals and their inborn instinct is to follow the leader (owner). Even if you treat a dog badly, it remains attached because instincts says it is safer in a pack than out of it.

Cats are independant animals and do not become 'attached' to any one person. Having a large pool of food source ensures survival. However cats are creatures of habits. When its routine is disrupted by a missing person, cats experience that absence as loss and 'grief' for it. Thus the longer a cat has been with you, the more set in its ways, the more upset and distressed it will be. These expressions are defined as loyalty.

So learning lesson is that I love kitty more than it loves me.

Hunter's favourite sleeping spot. Surrounded by 2 walls and 2 lookout points, it's like a fortress.

Best of all, his spot is underneath the Hummingbird feeder.

Sometimes when I pet kitty, it will put its head on my hand and go to sleep. Sending my heart aflutter with little awwwws.

What is Hunter doing in the bathtub?

Fresh drinking water!

Hunter used to drink from the toilet bowl which freaked and grossed me out. Nowadays I put the toilet seat down so it won't jump on top of it. I then turn on the bathtub tap for him. Damn scared one day it will die of shampoo/bath gel poisoning. These days, I make sure the tub is completely rinsed of soap before I get out.

"What are you looking at?" Kitty doesn't like to drink when I am around. Only when I go away does it start lapping the water.

It's been a chilly week so I tried to cover Hunter up with his favourite bedsheet. But he hates that.

Look like the way humans sleep?
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