Ooh, I found out today that Seafood Paradise of Defu Lane (home to the absolutely delicious creamy butter crab) has opened a new branch at Singapore Flyer complex. So besides No Signboard Restaurant at Esplanade, we now have another convenient seafood place downtown. Great for bringing overseas visitors too.

I was reading Wong Ah Yoke's review of the new branch. Just the names of what he tried got me salivating!
  • Deluxe combination of Thai-style abalone cube and barbecue pork crispy bean curd
  • Seafood trio with supreme porridge stock
  • Prime rib with BBQ white pepper sauce
  • Baked pearl lobster with special creme sauce
  • Homemade ramen with crab meat in chilli crab sauce reduction
  • Chilled aloe vera with honey lemonade

Got promotion for HSBC cardholders now. If anyone try this place, let me know if it's good ok? I am so craving for crabs now. Chilli crab, buttermilk crab, pepper crab... :(

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