We had an exciting weekend amidst an unexpected happening, lots of meetings and some planned fun.

Thursday night, my kitty came home with a bleeding gash on his tail. It's the first time I've seen him injured so I slipped into first time parent anxiety. Hunter kept licking his gash. Totally bad idea. I had to fight with him to keep him still so I could clean his wound with tissue and cotton buds. Of course, he didn't like it very much and kept trying to break free.

Next day, I made an emergency appointment with a vet and we transported Hunter in his new carrier. He didn't like being carried around AT ALL and whimpered throughout the whole car ride. It sounded like a kid crying and made K so heart pain, he kept flinching every time Hunter howled.

After the visit to the vet, we rushed home to pack because K had booked us a night at the *Magic Castle* for our anniversary celebration!

Looks like Hogwarts?

Built in 1908, the *Magic Castle* is an exclusive club for magicians all over the world. I love love magic and have been harbouring a wish to visit it. Whenever we drive past at night, it always looks like something right out of a fairytale.

Too bad they don't allow Muggles in.....

UNLESS you have a reservation at their hotel AND their restaurant. So I was absolutely floored when K decided to indulge us!

Too bad they don't allow pictures inside. To enter the Castle, you have to find an owl hidden on a book shelf and say to it 'Open Sesame'. I tried but nothing happened. K had a go and the shelf immediately turned around to reveal a hidden room. Must be an American owl, don't understand Singapore accent. Hahaha.

Inside it was an American society ball where everyone is secretly/openly checking everyone out. And that includes the roving eyes of a portrait on the wall. There were holograms, dark passageways, a phone booth with a secret and a haunted piano that could play any song you requested.

And of course there was magic. The performances were held at 3 different venues called The Palace of Mystery, The Closeup Gallery and The Parlor of Prestidigitation. Try saying that 3 times fast. It's a tongue twister. Anyhow I learn a new word. Prestidigitation means sleight of hand. So we have the stage magic, closeup magic and sleight of hand magic.

I was most awed by Johnny 'Ace' Palmer in the Closeup Gallery. As his name implies, he is a world famous magician who specialises in the art of closeup magic. While stage magic and sleight of hand are dependant on special props and charisma, closeup is really all about skill. It was absolutely amazing to see Johnny turn small coins into one big coin and balls into chicks into doves. While I knew how he did it, it was visually impossible to see how he did it. He was that fast and that good.

K was initially skeptical about this place but he ended up having a great time. In particular, he was super amazed by a magician who could 'read his mind'. I wish to go back again!

I have been in love with the Georg Jensen fusion ring since 2004. It's something precious that I want to get for myself. Of course it has always been out of budget. I mean, I can get a Chanel caviar 2.55 for the price of a basic gold ring.

Before we left for wedding band shopping on Sunday, K warned that it would only be a 'window shopping' trip. But when I tried out the ring on my finger, K loved it so much he decided to (gulp!) make the investment. =D

The Fusion ring is designed by Nina Koppel. While looking for information on the designer, I was surprised to find... nothing. I did find Nina's inspiration for the ring. which was 'to capture the dynamic synthesis of different elements in our spiritual and physical worlds'. Huh???

Anyhow I love this ring because it is unique, it is dynamic and as my friend Xin reminds me 'It's like the bible verse in Ecclesiastes. A cord of three is not easily broken.' The Fusion ring is meant to be personalised and you can do it in so many ways. Choose either 2, 3 or 4 sections and for each section, select either white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. With or without diamonds. I am keeping my combination a secret for now. =)

We went to Tiffany, Cartier and David Yurman for K's ring but had no luck. As we walked down Rodeo Dr, we spotted a row of white shirted salesmen outside Gucci. Wonder who they are welcoming.
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