I was walking past Forever 21 the other day when I spotted a faux bronze (yes bronze, yes i know.) leather jacket in the store window. The window dresser did such a good job of layering it with other pieces that I actually wanted to buy the whole ensemble. So I decided to step in to check out the jacket. Horrors! It costs $150.80! I thought this is Forever 21, home of cheap imitation designer clothing?!

Just as I thought my little excursion was over, hanging on the same rack was a solo black leather moto jacket. I swooned. Happily picking up the piece, I gasped! $300+! Am I in Forever 21 hell? Why all so expensive wan? Hastily putting it back, I went in search of the actual rack. Found the jacket and tag still read $300+! Fabric description was 100% leather. Sigh, even if it's 100% leather, can you trust something you buy at a Forever 21 store to last? AND at $300+?!!!

I didn't have the moolah so I put the jacket back on the rack. Thought of showing you all how it looks like but I couldn't find it online which makes me wonder if the $300+ tag was a mistake. Found 2 other moto jackets I like though.

100% leather, $150.80. Will definitely get a leather jacket but in a store I trust.

$36.80, faux leather. I really like this! Though I am sure it's going to look more PVC in person.

Faux croc clutch, $16.80. I bought this to jazz up my fall wardrobe which is still non-existent right now. haha.

Another croc clutch, $16.80. There's like a whole series of fake leather clutches but I think they are great for a night out. Especially when cheong-ing. Why bring your nice bag when it's going to be stuck in between sweaty smoking party-goers?

Pleated croc clutch, $18.80. I like the shape though I wish it was less fake in person... oxymoron I know.

The requisite satin clutch, $18.80. I like the pleats! Didn't see it in the store though.

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