Friday, the theatre was crowded with one of these groups: Parents, Kids and Teens. And they were there for one of these movies: Bolt and Twilight. Of course it was opening day for Twilight so the percentage was skewed towards teens. So it was tad embarassing for me to go up to the cashier and say "1 ticket for Twilight."

Nope I am not a Twilighter as fans call themselves. I never read the book before the movie so I wasn't in on the frenzy. Of course I heard about the hype. More importantly I dig Robert Pattison who plays Edward. Must clarify here. I already thought he was the cutest thing in the Harry Potter movies as Cedric Diggory.

Back to Twilight. I really enjoyed the movie! Might even go for seconds! It was fun watching with a whole bunch of teens. Everytime Edward appeared, they would scream. And for Jacob too, though to a lesser extent. Made the whole experience very fun!

Plot was straightfoward and cheesy. Reminded me a little of the Hong Kong TV Series, A Date with A Vampire, which I love. Twilight the movie was very well cast. I thought Kirsten Stewart acted really well. She made Belle cool and endearing. Robert overacted a few times, to me. But he's stage trained. Maybe that's why?

About the cast, have you seen so many good looking guys in one show? I totally melted when Carlisle appeared on screen. Jasper is cute too. He is supposed to be a very charming vampire. Why then does he look so stoned throughout the show? Ahem, after the movie I went to google Twilight. I saw interviews of James and Edward. After those, I find James much more attractive than Edward. Edward is very giggly for some reason.

And I bought the book after the movie. Which made me very glad that I watched Twilight before reading it. In the book, Bella strikes me as super whiny and starstruck. And Edward is as gentlemanly as an oil slick. I get goosebumps. Going to stick with the movies for the sequels.
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