After being stuck with the awful Motorola Krzr for 2 years, I was super excited when my phone contract was finally up! I had my eye on the LG Dare but it costs $179.99. After my bad experience the first time round, I was hesitant to pay so much in case the phone sucked.

However, rave reviews online convinced me that the Dare was worthy. Kelly then told me he had a $100 credit. That and a $50 mail-in rebate brought the price down to $29.99!!!


The coolest phone I have ever owned. Not only is it touchscreen, it has cute features like the bulletin-style menu where you can drag and drop icons for customisation,

a handwriting interface, no numberpad and a choice of fonts for the phone display!

There is also a 3.2MP camera with face detection, built in camcorder, a QWERTY keyboard and you can cut and copy text when sms-ing. The big screen makes it perfect for web browsing but since that is not part of my phone package, I am under-utilising the phone's potential. I can just go on and on about the goodness... I love my phone!!!
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