While surfing Asiaone, I came across Razor Tv's coverage of a Twilight event at the National Library. Watching it, I came away with 4 realisations.

1. Having been immersed in an American environment for so long, I am used to a certain accent. I know my Singaporean accent is still deeply embedded in me but I can't hear it for myself. Watching the video, I suddenly realised 'OH. THAT is how I sound.'

2. The reporter in the video has bad grammer and pronounciation. I cringed each time she opened her mouth.

3. My Methodist upbringing showed when the reporter was interviewing a group of girls, one as young as 12-year old, and saying things like 'You can tell me you want to have sex with him, it's okay', 'He's got no sperm!' and '...bodily fluids'. I inwardly flinched and want to cover all their ears.

4. I like to think that I am NOT obsessed with Twilight. Yes, I have all the books. Seen the movie twice. Watched all the interviews and news on mtv.com. Scoured through the author's website. BUT I AM NOT OBSESSED. The fascination for me is getting insight on how a writer's mind works and how the actors interpret their roles. Which otherwise would have been just another vampire novel. Helps that I have time on my hands. It's like studying literature on a more interesting topic.
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