I'm obsessing over Twilight books hence the lack of posts. Made time to decorate the house with k though. First time we did anything for the outside.

These were supposed to be icicle lights which hang straight. But when we got them out the box, they were all crooked. Still, it's pretty. Like stars shining in the night.

For our Christmas tree, I recycled the pink feather boa for K's birthday and the pearl strands from our wedding centerpieces. Once those were on, the tree started looking like Elton John to me. How cool is that? We have an Elton John tree! hahahaha...

Pink glasses with diamantes complete the look. Specs are a prop reproduction from Camp Rock.

First Christmas with Hunter. Of course I need this pic!

Today we went to my favourite mall.

Santa's house!

K making friends with the guard.

Write to Santa!

K thinks the mall is cheesy. The building facades are supposed to resemble those from the time of Goldrush-America. There are paved streets with antique-style streetlamps and they have train tracks running through them. So you can tour the mall on a old-school tram.

And there is the fountain that dances to Christmas music this time of the year. Another bit of senseless opulence? A huge crystal chandelier hung in the middle of a street. As you can tell, the mall is a haven for anyone who wants to avoid recession.

Mall hacked brought in a 100ft LIVE pine tree in hopes of towering over the 72ft Christmas tree at Rockfeller Center.

We caught Twilight the movie... my second time... And K likes it! Surprise! I swear I'm not obsessive.

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