In a bad mood now.

I am up in North California for 2 days with K before I call on the goodwill of my friends the rest of the trip. For these 2 days at least, we are putting up at a hotel. At 11.30pm, my stomach decided it was time to get hungry. I didn't think this would happen so I didn't buy snacks. Worse, the hotel fridge is empty. EMPTY. What?! No overpriced snacks for guests to reach for and then charge them a ridiculous amount? Hello, one sucker here!

The growls of my tummy had increased steadily until 11.50pm, out of sheer desperation, I reached for the In Room Dining menu. Like looking at the names of food will fill me up. Then I saw the words 'Dinner 5pm to midnight'. Spotlight shines. Angels sing.

Not wanting to wake K by ordering food over the phone, I changed and dashed to the elevator. At the concierge, I was told to go to the restaurant directly. All I saw was 6 guys in a row drinking beer. No waitress. I waited 10 secs and decided to poke around the kitchen. One of the cooks saw me and called a waitress. Happiness!

"I want to order sauteed mushrooms".
Waitress looks at her watch, it's 1 min to midnight. (One more minute!) "Sorry, kitchen closed."
What?!!!! "Is there nothing I can order?"
"Sorry kitchen closed."
"Can I order desserts? A cake? Just need to take it out from the fridge right?"
"Sorry kitchen closed." and moves her palm together to indicate closed.
Rolls my eyes. Yes I know what closed means. What I do not know is how difficult can taking a frozen cake from the freezer be. "Cake. Just take it out from the fridge."
Waitress gives me the 'she's an idiot' look. "Sorry kitchen closed."

So here I am eating mints in my room, venting on Blogger and wishing I had lost my temper at the right time.
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