Thanks to min for introducing me to photoscape. This is me helping out at my bro-in-law's booth last Sat.

His advertising tactic was brilliant! Many visitors stopped at our booth to look at the rusted junk on the floor. Some recognise that same state of rust on their own trailers and were promptly reeled in by us!!

Imagine the amount of space you need to host so many boats!

The only booth to put up some decorations i.e lighthouse.

This is a million dollar boat!!!

Very ah beng hor? The thing in the lower left box is called the X Power Drive and enables the boat to fly through the waters at 1535 horsepower!

Please, can I take this home?

According to my bro-in-law, this is the current champion of boat races.

This is my favourite boat, the Eliminator. Sleek and big. The shape resembles a thunderbird to me.

After the boat show, we went for drinks with my cousin-in-law and Kelly at LA Live. The newest attraction in LA. A little like esplanade without the sea. Lots of restaurants and bars.

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