One of the best selling condom brands from China, it's not difficult to see why. For one, the name connotes images of romantic trysts rather than just safe sex. Then there is the picture of Beckham with a ferocious tiger draped across his shoulders. Can't be just any old dead tiger, so hats off to the makers for finding one that looked like it died from over-excitement in the mating process.

Lastly, these condoms claim to contain lesser lead and toxins. WOW. Most other condoms are only made from pure latex. The most important selling point is Beckham looking all seductive and virile. There is the small matter of him not endorsing any condom brands but the manufacturers probably know that men in heat don't care.

With the success of Long Love, it's no surprise that Beckham goes on to endorse anti-impotence drug, USA Selikon. The same drug that helps Sean Connery remain James Bond forever and
surprises Keanu Reeves' girlfriend in a good way. Some men in Singapore would be ecstatic at the news. Again, none of the celebrities mentioned have endorsed USA Selikon but this seems to be a moot point in the maker's mind.

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