All parents know that there comes a time where your kid wants to pick out his own outfits. But what if his selections include striped bow ties, crushed velvet jackets, madras pants, ascots and a fez. Unusual certainly but 8 year old Arlo Weiner pulls them off with stylish aplomb. If you were his parents, will you be more horrified that your kids dresses like another era or that he has more stylish genes than you?

When Arlo turned 3, he asked for a top hat. How many 3 year olds even know what that is?? He's been unstoppable ever since. Arlo loves argyle, plaids, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra. He even wears a fedora to school like Sinatra. And his clashing patterns and colours are not trial and error. Here, Arlo clearly explains his fashion choices like a pro stylist.

What a precocious kid. Pretty face and impeccable dress sense, mark my words, he's going to be big. If I were his mum, I would raid his wardrobe. Shame on me.
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