Literally. I woke this morning to find poop on the couch and bathroom floor.

Hunter has always been well-behaved in this department. In fact, I was very relieved not to have to clean up his shit when we adopted him. This morning, I went to bed at 6.30am and woke at 11am. So this naughty act was done in the 4.5hours I was asleep.

The last thing I did before bed was to give Hunter some treats. Cats have been known to defecate to show displeasure with their owner. You should see the way he begs for treats, so he should have been a happy camper in the time I was asleep.

I have checked Hunter for injuries sustained from fighting. That might have made him afraid to go outside but there was nothing. He doesn't look sick either. All I know is he has not stepped in the house and has been snoozing contentedly outside. I hope that means he knows he did something wrong and not because the sunny warm weather means a nice nap on the patio. Knowing him, it's probably the latter.

I shall spare you guys pics of the poop disaster. I had to throw out Kelly's favourite big cushion so he's not too happy. Anyone with advice on how I can let Hunter know it's not right to poop inside the house?
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