I think people have their priorities all wrong. Why a kid when a dog reciprocates your love 10 times more? When it jumps in front of a rattlesnake to take the bite or when it just wags in joy to welcome you home.

For that matter, why a cat? It only comes home when it wants something. It leaves after it gets something. You want to show your affection but they wiggle out of your grasp. You want to love them but they decide when they want the affection.

A kid and a cat, same deal. Both exasperating but sometimes, they break your resolve and melt your heart. Times like this.

I was spring cleaning and Hunter decided to climb into the cabinet to check out my work.

Btw, I noticed that Hunter tends to be super affectionate when both Kelly and I are around. You know how parenting experts advocate a whole family with both parents still in a relationship? How odd that the same might apply to cats.
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