THANK YOU to all of you for coming!!! The girl in red jersey is Simon's dughter, Megan. We had white pepper crab, chilli crab with fried buns, coffee ribs, No Signboard Tofu and Sambal Kangkong. The standard of their signature white pepper crab has dropped but tofu and coffee ribs were good, yums!

All the pretty girls! Thoughtful Shiawlin bought cupcakes all the way from Johor Bahru to celebrate Kaylor's birthday.

Kay's birthday is end of the month but we celebrate early for her!

Cute cupcakes! All the above photos taken by Simon, so you can see a marked difference in photo standard below. Hahaha!

We went to One on the Bund for drinks. This place used to be Clifford Pier but after renovations, it's a modern and very beautiful Chinese restaurant. Look at the curved walls, that's to block sounds from outside!

These were taken on another occasion in daylight. All the reviews I read said the food wasn't good. Anyone with an expense account, please try this place and let me know if the reviews are right!

Outdoor seating.

Look at the tables and chairs, so unique right? I want these in my house next time! You can see that they put a lot of effort into redesigning the place. If the food were good, I would definitely have my wedding dinner here!

Currently the view is not so great since the restaurant faces the construction of the Integrated Resort (IR).

And more construction.

The only nice view to the left of the restaurant with esplanade, flyer and more construction.
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