I hate that you paw through every single item of my belongings like it was yours. Heard of privacy?
I hate that on one hand, you tell me to do away with a wedding here.
And on the other, you want a grand chinese banquet.
Today you sing to the tune of a wedding buffet.
Along with a melody of not having a wedding at all.
Well, let me change your song.
I rather not invite you if you are reluctant to be there.
Or if you spend all your time analysing the food and gossiping about it behind my back.
Rather than being happy for me.
So don't come and save me the pain.
It's my big day, remember?
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello babe...R u ok? Need a holler..buzz me yeah? *Hugs* ~Su

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hope things are ok now... do take care... just plan something you'll enjoy... see you soon, xin

  3. ppdiary Says:

    everything ok ? pp