Last week, a friend introduced a group of us to an Indonesian restaurant cum grocery store in LA. I have never had anything close to Malay/Indonesian food here. It was bagus!

Nasi Padang with tempeh, jackfruit curry and rendang.

I ordered Nasi Warteg because I haven't heard of this rice dish before.

It turned out pretty close to Nasi Padang except I had noodles and chicken.

When I heard they have tahu telur, I was jumping up and down. That's my absolute must order dish in Singapore. So when the waiter set down my plate of tahu telur, I was seriously disappointed. We all thought it was more like gado gado. My friend even took the plate to the cashier to check if they gave us the wrong order. Disappointment of the night.

Friend flew in from Michigan to tour LA.

Cheers to a great meal!

On another occasion, we all met up for dinner with the spouses. How come the waiters behind are posing with us too?
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