Hunter turned 11! Technically 20th August isn't Hunter's birthday but since we don't know the actual day, we celebrated on the day he was officially adopted by us.

Of course birthday means present and cake! We got him a *Drum rolls* ..............

Cat camera!

This lightweight battery-operated camera is smaller than my palm and yes, it's more like our present. Since Hunter is an outdoor cat, we have always been curious about his adventures in the wild, hopefully this mini device will give us an insight into his world.

The camera captures 40 shots only so we are still tinkling with the settings to achieve a good balance of time and pictures captured. His paw action says "I want my cake now."

I wanted to bake a cake for Hunter but he is finicky about food and water.

Once, I cooked him chicken rice but he didn't touch it at all. Only after I separated the rice and chicken did he decide to try the chicken. And Mr Hunter doesn't drink anything other than fresh cold water. Everytime he sits next to his water bowl, I have to go over and fill it up with water from the tap. We are more like butlers than owners.

For his birthday, we decided to give him his favorite. Tuna. Topped with a Nemo candle.

He was so excited about his food, I couldn't get a clear pose at all.

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  1. Senorita Woo Says:

    haha.. so cute! I am interested to see the photos of his outdoor adventures too!