I'm on a roll today, 6 posts in a single day. Heh, only cos I don't have tons of pics to resize and touch up.

Here's a tip. One thing that most people don't think about shopping for in US is beauty products. But you should and here's why.

I shop online at Beauty.com for my regular serum and moisturiser.

The skincare brand was running a promotion. With every $60 spent, I received a value pack worth $45.

In addition, Beauty.com gives shoppers 3 free mini samples. (I mistakenly inserted an extra item in this photo.)

And to top it off, Beauty.com paired with designer Chris Benz (confession, I don't know who he is but it doesn't matter) to design a makeup case for a special promotion.

Chris Benz came up with this suuuper cute vintagey travel case filled with all the goodies you see in the pic. All you had to do was spend at least $130 to get this amazing deal.

So I bought THIS,

And got ALL THESE FREE!!! The total package is worth more than what I paid for.

Every few months, Beauty.com partners with designers for special deals like this. Even if you only shop at cosmetic counters in department stores, the big brands have monthly deals where you get lots of samples with your purchase. And the qualifying amount is usually reasonable.

Are you sold yet?
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