For a few months, we kept hearing the sound of feet running on our roof and nails scrapping the side of our walls late at night. Scaredy cat that I am, I NEVER jump to supernatural conclusions. Why frighten myself right? So I always sought a logical explanation.

Which was the right one.

A nest of raccoons had taken up living space in my neighbour's house and they would wander about the neighbourhood in search of food nightly. After which the whole family of 5 (maybe more??!) would return home by using our roof as a spring board to leap over the fence that separates the houses.

So cute right? They are also bold fearless animals. If they are a safe distance away, they would observe you rather than run away.

My neighbour is doing some major renovations on his house now so I'm sure the family of raccoons have relocated. Which means no more poltergeist-like noises.
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