Since early Feb, the doctor has cleared me of hyperthyroidism. And I wish for those I know who have had it and myself that we will continue to be in remission for the rest of our lives.

I should be happy, instead I'm upset that my body hasn't shrunk to its former self. 50% of my wardrobe remains unwearable including all my jeans and pants save for 2 pairs. In a fit of pique, I tossed a large amount of clothing into the donation bin. Though I kept a few to remind myself that I will fit into them one day. I also scrutinise the hell out of every photograph and only look at the weighing scale after using the bathroom.

How whiny can I get? Stepping back from the scale and taking an objective look in the mirror, I think I look alright. Of course I wish my thighs were smaller, tush perkier and boobs bigger. Thought, why does fat only migrate South? What was I talking about? Yes, I should remind myself "I am just fine." Certainly, shopping for new clothes help. Right, Kelly?
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