N invited me and J to visit and enjoy home cooked Mee Rebus. I was on the phone with N to arrange a lunch date the next day when she received a text from J who decided to take up her offer right there and then at 11pm!

Since J would pass by my house on the way to N's, I jokingly asked if she would picked me up. The result was this delicious supper!

Mee Rebus was followed by a depressing Kate Winslet movie, The Reader, at 2am. I do highly recommend it. After that, we chatted till 7 in the morning!

Did I mention that it was a Thursday night? J's boyfriend had accompanied her for supper . While we all didn't plan on staying up all night, there wasn't a single complaint from him even when he hasn't slept for more than 24hrs. He even went into work without sleep. Iron Man...

During supper, N's very smiley baby woke up for his feed. Maybe he wanted Mee Rebus too.
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