Taking care of a pet is a thankless task.

Kelly stalks the cat every evening. The stupid thing is so focused on its prey that it will plonk its ass right in the middle of the road, remaining there when cars approach. Thank the heavens for alert drivers. Even after the car came to a complete stop, the cat refused to budge. Only after realising that the vehicle would not vanish did it grudgingly walk to the side of the road. Having witness Hunter's harrowing escape with death, Kelly now tracks the cat and goes to bed worrying that it will be killed by a fast car.

At night, its mummy has to repeatedly call for it to come home. I so wish cats knew how to use cell phones. When the cat finally decides to grace me with its presence, it also proceeds to throw up whatever meal it caught. Thankfully its poor suffering mother has well-honed reflexes that catches the vomit in napkins before it hits the floor. Even if it happened 3 times in a row. Other times, I'm not so lucky and out comes the cleaning solution and mop.

All these just for him and does he learn? No. Every night, it tries to sneak past my watch towards the door. I give warnings, shake my finger, yell and finally haul it into the bathroom for time out. Amazingly that always works. Dawn comes and the whole process begins again.

Sure, the snoring amuses me and I melt when he rests his little head on me. But mostly, it's "FEED ME. GO AWAY. I WANT TO GO OUT. ME ME ME." You can't reason with a pet. You can't make it a better animal. It is what it is. And it makes me wonder if this joy of parenting thing is overhyped.

My overactive imagination then extrapolates this to a mother-baby relationship. Perhaps it is not an accurate portrayal. I'm sure there are more amazing moments and logic can be taught as the kid grows. Yet, a human lives longer and is in a way more vulnerable. Words and emotions are absorbed and experienced more acutely. I can't tell if it's worth it.

So tell me, are we all suckers? Or have I yet to experience the miraculous joys that parenting purports to provide?

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2 Responses
  1. xin Says:

    oh dear... tt sounds like my relationship with my 'pet'... everyday the same nonsense happens... and i cant time out him (yet)...

  2. Senorita Woo Says:

    Parenting is a wonderful, frustrating, hilarious, serious, exhausting and rewarding process. Along with the miraculous joys of having a baby comes the frustration and exhaustion from taking care of one. Although i was never a pet owner, i don't think having a baby can ever be compared to keeping a pet.

    Anyways, judging from your posts, I think taking care of Hunter will be very good training for you and Kelly as future parents! Hang in there! At least Hunter can sleep through the night!