I was spending time in the Bay area with my friend when my kind neighbour called to say that Hunter was busy scarfing down the catnip she had laid out for HER cats. Of course those were not her exact words. Needless to say, I was shaking my head in embarrassment over the phone. The kind lady even offered to escort Hunter home so he won't become coyote dinner. I gratefully declined knowing the cat had a finely tuned antenna on danger and that Kelly would be home soon.

5 days and nights later, I returned home but Hunter was nowhere to be found. On an excellent hunch, Kelly and I set off for kind neighbour's house. As expected, we spotted furball near the crime scene. Kelly was nearer to him than I but when I called his name, the cat shot right past his daddy and halted next to me. My heart fluttered with pride and joy at that moment. With our contentious relationship, I did not realise he might have miss me too. Alright kitty, you are more than forgiven.
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