I was waiting for a bus when a car drove past and 'BANG!'. I jumped, then realised I am still alive. It was just a burst tyre. A guy walking past the bus-stop said to me, "Hell, that scared me!" Me too.

Later the thought crossed my mind, 'Don't kill me cos' I am Asian.' I was thinking about the Virginia Tech shooting and wondering if it has affected the way Asians are perceived. There are many Asian-Americans and Asians here in LA so I do think most people see that 1 bad apple does not equal a whole box of rotten apples. It's people who don't that scares me. You wonder if you have become the unwanted visitor/intruder? Sensibility dictates that you will be treated cordially but deep inside, are there doubts? That's the power of the press for you. Everyday, crimes are committed by all races. But a Virginia Tech shooting happens and all the spotlight is on the Asian.

Ok, I am indulging in fear. It is a beautiful day and I am going to be at the same bus-stop later.
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