We lounged around all weekend so it's time to get healthy! While walking around Elysian Heights, we chance upon a playground and have a go at the swings. Wheee!

It's still gloomy today. Not the best day for a Hollywood tour. This is the famous (kitschy) Mans theatre which shows just 1 blockbuster at any 1 time. The interior is supposed to be real grand, must catch a movie here sometime.

The lady who inspired the classic cocktail.

Everyone's giving Spiderman a wide berth. Maybe things will change with Spiderman 3. Ooh, I can't wait!!!

And this drab building is where they held the Oscars this year. Must go in next time to see if it's grander inside.

The walk of fame. I didn't see any names I know.

Da Vinci code made me think that Masonic buildings are lavish and over-the-top. But this real-life Masonic temple looks exactly like our Parliament House! And it's supposed to be the grandest in LA! I should stick to my imagination.

If Kelly wore his sunglasses, he can pass off as Tom Cruise evangelising about Scientology. Maybe make some money off dumb tourists like the 'Spiderman'.

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