Tuesday starts off bright and sunny! Kelly takes me to breakfast at Alcove. I have never been here before and I love its cosiness! I want to come back in summer and sit outside with a book. The mocha here is to-die-for! It's soooo thick and rich! My craving for kopi is temporarily satiated. Nothing like a good cuppa to start the morning.

As we leave, I spy pigeons sunning on the telephone lines. Don't they look like musical notes?

After yesterday's gloomy weather, today's bright blue skies will put anyone in a great mood! Instead of heading home, we go for a drive in Hollywood Hills.

I love how the palm trees look against the sky. So tropical! Seems the city council will not re-plant palm trees that has died because they don't provide enough shade. Oaks will be planted instead. But but... LA will not be LA without these palms!

Take in the view and shout "I am king of the world!" LA is gorgeously sprawled below you!

This is the closest I ever got to the 'Hollywood' sign! You can't hike all the way to the sign because it is government property. So I just use my camera's zoom function for a closeup!

The Griffin Observatory. It has been crowded since it re-opened last winter. I love seeing stars (those in the sky and land, haha) so I do want to make a trip sometime.

We continue driving around the hills with its beautiful mansions and houses. Somewhere somewhere is Brad Pitt's home and other stars'. Oh, interesting fact. The Hollywood sign was originally built as an advertisement by this realtor to advertise the houses in Hollywood Hills.

And this is the Scientology Celebrity Centre where Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other stars go for their dose of religion away from Papparazzi. I was going to say mad fans but who's crazier?

I start to feel un-well. Must have eaten too much at breakfast. We head home and just in time too. Out of nowhere, a mysterious thunderstorm blows in from the north. The trees outside our house are shaking violently and leaves are flying all over, into the house, on the patio. Brrr! I huddle up inside while Kelly goes outside to take in the strange phenomenon. For some reason, Kelly loves thunderstorms. He gets so gleeful when he sees one. I tell him to stay in Singapore because we get thunderstorms all the time.

The wind dies down after half an hour. Just like that. So weird. It feels like one of those end of the world movies where everything is quiet and there are debris everywhere. I feel better by now and we head to his dad's place for dinner. Along the way, I spot this oil rig by a busy road. Can you imagine? It's like an oil rig outside your office! Yes, LA has oil. ;)

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