Out the door ...
Down a flight of extremely steep stairs ...
Round the corner and down another flight of stairs ...And more stairs ...And a steep slope. Notice how everything is steep here. Because we live on a mountain! Got the bus to the mall. Walked the whole damn mall and surronding area.
Save for a short half hour lunch, I have been on my wedges for 4 hours now.
I decide to head home.
It's my first time taking the bus and I get off at the wrong stop.
But it's only one stop away so I walked the remaining route.

Reached the bus-stop and walked up the slope again.
I know this looks mild but it is not! Up the stairs. Panting now.. up another stairs.
Sigh... his stairs are the last stretch. I use my last burst of energy!

Home Sweet Home. Literally!
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3 Responses
  1. zebby Says:

    wow, u r so gonna get nice toned legs...

  2. ilane Says:

    Hehehe, that's the intention!

  3. snowrach Says:

    Congrats Gal,
    U will have "buns of steel" in no time! (^^)