1) If the person you are talking to has a piece of spinach stuck in his teeth, would you tell him?
2) If you see a person who is wearing his tee inside out, would you tell him?

I polled 5 people. All the guys said no while the girls said yes. Are guys are more self-centered? The reason given by the guys was that they didn't want to be the one to offend by pointing out a blooper. (But the poor fella is going to be more embarrassed at the end of the day!)
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2 Responses
  1. zebby Says:

    t-shirt yes no prob will immediately tell him.

    spinach stucked on his teeth, will probably take some a few min to find a right moment to tell him. very embarrassing for him u know.

  2. ilane Says:

    And finally a guy who would say something! I'm so proud of my dai lo! ;)