The cause of split was apparently the lack of time together. Prince William enjoys party time with his Army pals in Dorset, too much to go home to Kate who's stalked by papparazzi everywhere in London.

I was reading through the comments and was shocked and outraged by 'bmorejake'. That guy is stuck in the caveman age! He actually said Kate should feel proud for "SERVICING", "NOT DATING" the future king and that she can congratulate herself on being his "ENTERTAINMENT" and "PLEASURE PIECE" for six years. And like all good Kings, Prince William should sow his wild oats and it was just too bad that Kate was the first in line.

This bmorejake is such a MCP!!! He makes all girls seem like whores! I bet he was dumped by some hot girl and this is the only way he can get his revenge. Someone, club that guy.
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