I cheated by using Prima Taste pre-mix. It's soooo easy and yummy! Even better than some hawkers'!

This is Lemon & Herb salmon with baby carrots and tomatoes.
I only have soy sauce and sesame oil in the house so I marinated the salmon with both. When it was time for dinner, I melted some butter and flipped the salmon into the pan. Added a sprinkle of lemon & herb and voila!

This proves how good Haagen Dazs ice cream is. It melted as I was taking this picture! Dessert that is pleasing on the eye. Hee!

Of course I have bay days too. Tried to thaw this chicken in the microwave and parts of it ended up cooked. So I cut it into pieces, threw in some ham and rescued my lunch. At least it was good enough for me.
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  1. zebby Says:

    wah looks tasty la! have you been cooking a lot?
    any telltale sign of violence yet? haha