and I am posting here because this is my venting ground and I know Kelly won't be reading this.

What are the words that would describe how I feel now?

I just wish I could teleport myself back home now to my parents and friends. I am going to be calling my parents later, another heartbreaking session. Another session of hardening my heart. What to do? I am torn.

I miss my old life. I miss my life. I miss a life.
4 Responses
  1. zebby Says:

    Hey mei mei, are you ok? How's thing over there?

    I am sure you must be seriously bored with Kelly always travelling. Perhaps you need to take up some activities that will occupy at least a few hours of your everyday. Vent more in this blog... at least then I can read about it & try to contribute my 2 cents.

    Take care.

  2. snowrach Says:

    Hi dear gal,
    Wassup? Hope by the time u get this, U'd already be feelg better.

    Gadzillion bear hugz for ya

  3. lin Says:

    *hugs a whole lot*
    call us anytime. and smile in between.

  4. tzen Says:

    Hey gal,

    just dropped by and saw ur post. Take care, k? *hugs*