amidst all her jetsetting, eileen found time to stop by for a meal with us at waraku.

eileen's fav food is Japanese. so when she ordered chopped tuna sushi topped with raw quivering quail yolks, being the nice friends we are, we let her have it all to herself. the rest of us had more normal stuff like cha soba, cream udon, tonkatsu ramen, okonomiyaki ...

everyone was uber excited when dessert time came. we had macha ice cream cake, macha ice cream with red beans, vanilla ice cream with red beans and some weird chew kway teow-like thing that adventurous Lea chose. there it is on the extreme left.

ain't them pweety? irene was all dressed up for this occasion. i wonder how much time she spent teasing her fringe and getting it to stay up? it was a really pro job.

thanks to laura for getting us a private room, the restaurant's patrons were not subjected to our opinions on work, future plans, husband management, guy behaviour, how much we would earn selling our ahem, talents and yada yada. good times.
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  1. lin Says:

    wish i was there. were there more pictures?